Unable to find Cesium.RectangularSensor(option)

I downloaded and installed Cesium v1.96.0 via “npm i cesium”

In my Angular app, i did "import * as Cesium from ‘cesium’, but I do not seem to see Cesium.CustomPatternSensor(option) or Cesium.RectangularSensor(option) in this package.

Am I missing another package to install?

Thank you.

Hey @georgearpajian :wave:

If you try to use them, even if they do not exist, do you get any errors? Also, can you see other Cesium methods or you cannot see any at all?

Thank you for responding!

In my Angular app, when I try to reference the method RectangularSensor, I get a typescript error that says Property RectangularSensor’ does not exist on type 'typeof import(“cesium”). Same is said for method CustomPatternSensor. I have imported package Cesium using import * as Cesium from ‘cesium’, I also tried doing import { CustomPatternSensor, RectangularSensor } from ‘cesium’ to no avail. I can use other methods like BingMapsImageryProvider, CameraEventType, etc that’s imported from ‘cesium’

Have you tried to add Cesium types in your tsconfig.app.json file?

/* To learn more about this file see: https://angular.io/config/tsconfig. */
  "extends": "./tsconfig.json",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "./out-tsc/app",
    "types": [
  "files": [
  "include": [

Yes. I have “cesium” defined as types in compilerOptions. It was a good idea to confirm though.

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Hi - The RectangularSensor is part of the Cesium ion SDK (commercial add-on on top of CesiumJS). If you are using open source CesiumJS, this is not available on that. Are you sure you are using the right version?

Hello Shehzan, thank you very much for responding.

We currently do not have a license to use Cesium ion SDK. Do you have a trail version of Cesium ion SDK for us to try that would include using either RectangularSensor and CustomPatternSensor? If so, how long is the trial version good for? And what is the cost for us to purchase the commercial Cesium ion SDK?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

You can reach out to our team at sales@cesium.com and they can help you for this request. Please feel free to link this thread in your email.

Thank you very much @Shehzan_Mohammed