Unable to load globe under any conditions

Hi Everyone,

Ever since the recent CORS issue (CORS errors since yesterday), none of my CesiumJS globes will load. I think I have it isolated very narrowly. Even when I run the exact CesiumJS Quickstart code (Step 2 here: CesiumJS Quickstart – Cesium), I cannot see the globe. No change if I swap out the token and this is what I have on all my different CesiumJS instances right now (localhost, production AWS, etc.).

Did I get my IP on a blocked list or something? Is there a more systemic issue?



Bill Hubick, PMP | Senior Software Engineer | ATS |
Mobile: 443-854-9753 | w.hubick@acclaimtechnical.com

This issue was resolved. I think during my troubleshooting of the CORS issue I got too aggressive with turning everything off in my Cesium Ion! Thank you! Happy Holidays!