Underground GeoTIF

Hello community,

I have run into yet another problem for my underground project.

I got a geotif for a groundwater surface, however I am unable to display it properly underground.

I tried with Cesium Ion to convert it to both imagery and Terrain, but neither seems to work. Imagery just gets displayed on top of the terrain, and using it as terrain nothing is displayed.

I’ve also tried to drape the imagery over a rectangle entity, without success so my fallback now is just converting it to a png and using it as an image material, however this loses all the height info and while it has the right shape, it’s just plain white (instead of dark on the spots where the groundwater is higher).

Is there any way to display a geotif underground that I might have missed? The only other option I can think of right now is to extract all the data and create a (very) complex entity with perPositionHeights or a multitude of entities, which will likely take a lot of time to create and also not be the solution I’m looking for in the end …


Turning the tif into a gltf using a QGIS plugin solved the problem mostly. The model requires to be placed precisely programmaticaly, which is not impossible when knowing the TIF extent.