Updated to latest 1.5.1 plugin and it won't compile on 4.26 or 4.26.2 source engine in Visual Studio

We had been able to get this to work previously using the 1.4.0 version. Now we get the following errors on 1.5.1 - do we need to update something in Visual Studio to get this to work now? We are targeting Android/Oculus.

Here’s the output log cesium plugin compile errors · GitHub

Hi @carlrealvr,

Welcome, and thanks for reporting this issue! It looks like there are some missing includes and namespace references that, depending on exactly how the Unreal Build Tool decides to build the plugin, may or may not lead to compiler errors. I’ve just opened a PR to fix this up and make it work in all scenarios.

We’ll include this in today’s release, which will hopefully hit the Epic Marketplace this week.


Ok great. So we should be able to download it sooner from your releases, something newer than 1.5.2 from 2 days ago?

Also fyi we had no idea that the plugin had been updated on the Epic Marketplace, the only indication there is a Date of Mar 30, 2021 and no version # is in the description. We only discovered the update accidentally by installing to a new Engine on a different machine and noticed it was much newer. Maybe you could put the version number somewhere in the description on the Marketplace, and keep the date updated as well?


Yep it’ll be in v1.6.0 which will be released today.

Thanks for the feedback about the version and updates. The Epic Launcher does tell you about plugin updates, but it’s pretty subtle. Strangely enough, we provide a version number when publishing on the Marketplace, but the Launcher doesn’t show it anywhere. I’ll see what we can do about it. For what it’s worth, we do release a new version at the beginning of every month, just like we have for years with CesiumJS.