Updating the current cesium open source world terrain

Hello Cesium developers and community.

I have a question about upgrading the cesium open source terrain data,

I have found open source data of Norway that is quite a bit better then the current terrain data that is available within the open source AGI terrain data.

I would love it if it was possible to add this data to the open source data which would make the terrain of Norway a lot more accurate then it currently is.

This would also mean that it would be possible to still use the rest of the world terrain as well as this higher quality Norway terrain data. Currently I can either have the Norway terrain on or the cesium terrain

My question is quite simple.

Is it possible that I can do this myself and so how or do I need to send the Geo-Tiff containing the terrain data to AGI or perhaps to you guys at Cesium so that you can validate that the quality of this terrain is actually better and maybe update the open source terrain with this

The data that I am talking about is also open source data provided by the Norway government

I have already downloaded all the small pieces and compressed this into a single Geo-Tiff.

I could send this over to you guys to use but I am not an expert when it comes to these types of data so I’m not sure if that’s even the best way to do it.

Best regards,


Thanks for the link! I believe you can upload the GeoTIFF to Cesium ion, and select Cesium World Terrain as the base layer, and that will load the higher res terrain and otherwise load the base layer when the higher res isn’t available.

Give it a try and let me know if it worked as you expected. It would be nice to put it as part of the curated world terrain we offer, and it is on our roadmap to continue to curate datasets like this, so I appreciate you letting us know!