User Interaction with cesium

I'm looking into the use of Cesium for a project at work this summer. My question is are these functionalities available and if yes can you point me in the direction of what I need to read to make it possible.
Basically the user needs to be able to click on places in the map and build polygons that will send the coordinates to A databases which will return the metacards that are within that area similar to this website
So basically I need to display Cesium in a frame on a webpage. when the user clicks on the button saying 'Build Polygon' to build a polygon it will retrieve the Lat and Long of the points clicked and store them.

I was looking through the sandcastle examples and saw the one on picking. I want to create an onclick method which will store the displayed coordinates and draw a line and shade until the next point

It should not be a problem to do this with Cesium. This plugin may be useful:


Do you know if this works smoothly for b29?


I am not familiar with the implementation. The plugin documentation says it is written agaisnt b26 so I suspect it will need some updates to work with b29 (see Cesium’s

For help with the plugin you are probably best off contacting the author or submitting an issue to its repo.


I spoke with the developer He said he was waiting till the v1.0 release in August. Of course this being a summer job, I can’t wait till then. Is their anyway to change the Picking Sandcastle with Cartographic Posistion to only work on LEFT_CLICK. I tried but it generates an error