Using dynamic materials on Cesium Tilesets

I’m making an application where I need to modify the material of a tileset at runtime. The only way I can think to do this is by creating a dynamic material and attaching it to the tileset. The console shows an error saying that only materials and MaterialConstants are valid parents for a material instance. So are dynamic materials simply not possible for Cesium actors? My code runs perfectly for a standard Unreal mesh.


Cesium for Unreal creates a UMaterialInstanceDynamic for each tile using the parent materials you supply on the Tileset. This is necessary in order to set the various tile-specific parameters for the tile’s model. If Unreal doesn’t allow a dynamic material to use another dynamic material as its parent, then we’re a bit stuck.

But there might be a way to enable the use-case you’re going for. There’s some discussion about a similar use-case and how it might be supported in this issue: