Vectors on terrain

I'm about to integrate Cesium in a WebGIS viewer I'm working on, where most of my data should be provided as vectors. I was surprised to see that vectors cannot be "draped" on the terrain surface. Am I missing something or do you confirm that at the moment this is not supported by Cesium?


Hi Giovanni,

This is something we plan to do for KML (feel free to chime in on the roadmap discussion). In the meantime, folks have had success using sampleTerrain.


Thanks Patrick. I will follow the discussion.
The sampleTerrain doesn’t fit very well with my use case, because I need to render dynamically various hundreds of polygons, obtained from a remote server. I think it would a too heavy load for the browser to do the calculations on the fly, every time the user load the data.



There is a getHeight() method on the Globe:

It interpolates the height of a cartograhic using already downloaded

Unfortunately it does not indicate the zoom level used for the


Thanks Giullaume.

Giullaume - what is the data represented by the dynamic polygons? What is the use case? How about many points are in each polygon?



Patrick, our primary purpose is the visualization of a regional dataset of buildings. It means hundreds of thousands of polygonal (in the future they will polyhedral) data, made by some dozens of vertex. Think something like OSM buildings (but we use other sources).
We need to implement a tile based approach to manage this huge dataset (this is the reason of my question on the other thread).
On the base of the buildings footprints we will visualize some derived polygonal data, which is calculated server side dynamically.


Giovanni - we are working on something similar at AGI. Please email me ( to see if there are opportunities to collaborate.