Verification of compliance with OGC Web Mapping Service Client standard

Where can I find documentation that states the CESIUM geospatial
toolkit and services are compliant with the OGC Web Mapping Service Client
standard? I need to know this so that I can include the information in a design review package for my customer.

Hi there,

Is this list of imagery provider types what you’re looking for? Or more generally, we have our Features Checklist.



Thank you Gabby Getz for the response. I’ll take a look at the list of imagery provider types. I was wondering, should CESIUM be on this list?

Thanks for letting us know about that list! We’ll definitely take a look and see if we’re a good fit.

To add to my answer, Cesium supports the OGC standards KML, WMS, and WMTS.

We also have our 3D Tiles Pioneers program which supports data in a variety of formats including KML and CityGML.

Additionally, our own open format 3D Tiles in undergoing the process to become an OGC Community Standard.