Vertical Reference systems

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In which way handles Cesium vertical reference systems ?

For example: I can produce quantized meshes and use them in display. Since I know it is possible to use different quantized meshes in parallel.

So they could have different vertical systems - is there a problem ?

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In Addition - maybe an example:

  • We would like to plan a bridge between Germany and Switzerland -you can find an example in the net.

Both countries have different vertical reference systems

–> so I have maybe data in 2 systems, which I want to display together

or another example :

  • vertical reference systems change, i.e. EGM96 and EGM 2008

–> I want to compare data from both systems

Can I do this or do I have to convert the data in one common system ?

You will need to have your geometry all in the same common coordinate system. You could still retain the metadata about the geometry in whatever coordinate system(s) you need for your application. So when hovering over a point, or getting a position, you’d get a cartographic point in CesiumJS’s coordinate system, and then convert that before displaying it to the user.

Hi Omar,

ok - this means you should not mix vertikal coordinate systems - is this right ?

What vertical system - do you use in the Cesium world terrain ?