view non-map images?


I am new to Cesium.

Could it be used to view non-map 2D-images?

And also, could images and maps have ‘sparse’ image pyramids to zoom in selectively only at certain ‘spots’ in the image?

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You probably could use Cesium to view non-map images. But I have to admit it would be a pretty heavy-weight solution for doing so.

The tile pyramid can definitely be sparse, but it does have to have all parent tiles back to level 0. In other words, you can’t start the pyramid at level 5, but any tiles (starting with level zero) without any data can be missing entirely. You should set the extent of the imagery provider as tightly as possible in order to minimize the number of missing tiles it will try to request. We may remove this requirement of starting at level 0 someday.


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thanks for the quick and helpful reply.

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