viewer.flyTo with offset/headingnot working 2D

This piece of code rotates the view in 3D, but not in 2D. (zoomTodoesn’t work at all: )

According to the documentation ‘In 2D, there must be a top down view. The camera will be placed above the target looking down. The height above the target will be the range. The heading will be determined from the offset. If the heading cannot be determined from the offset, the heading will be north.’

Any suggestions on how to rotate eh 2D-View?

Found this workaround - not very nice as the view jumps into place, though.


Glad you were able to find a workaround. I don’t have a better solution for now, but I did make a comment on that GitHub issue you linked to so we know how many people are running into this problem. I linked to your forum post so we can give you an update when we get a chance to look at it.



Thansk, Hanna!

viewer.flyTo ignoring the heading in 2D seems to be a different issue, though.


Thanks for clarifying Klaus. I added another comment to saying that we need to rotate the map or keep heading north depending on the selected 2D map mode.