Viewshed Analysis

Hello community, I’m drawing a viewshed with distance, vertical Angle and horizontal angle and we can change distance, vertical Angle and horizontal angle dynamically but I want to change my position dynamically and viewshed change according. see if somebody can help.

Hi @yogimlim

Is your sensor attached to an Entity? If so, moving the entity should move the sensor along with it. It would be helpful if you could share a code sample or a Sandcastle demonstrating the issue.


@sanjeetsuhag thanks for your reply…

I am using 可视域分析
library for reference

and tileset json to create Cesium.Cesium3DTileset
not using any other sensor

Hi @yogimlim ,

I have the same problem, my viewshed functionality is only working with “static” position.
Maybe we can’t combine shadowMap + customShaders with a CallBackProperty (dynamic position).

But if you destroy everything and rebuild it with the new position, everytime the positions changes, it should work (at least in my theory :wink: ). It wouldn’t be the most streamlined approach, though.

Best, Lennart

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