Visibility between points

Dear Cesium team,

I’m new on Cesium and I’m studing all about that wonderful framework.

But in this moment I have a problem.

I load in cesium some polygons that simulate buiding, with datasource trought a geojson and all is ok.

After that I add with a click mouse a point of observation, and after I would add other points but I want know if the new points are visible or not from the first point or some building occluder the new point, but i am not able to do that.

How I can do?


Hey Daniele,

Welcome to the Cesium community! What kind of application are you building this for?

CesiumJS does not currently have the ray intersection tests you’d need to do this type of visibility checking. It is something we’re developing (for example, you’ll soon be able to get the height of any tileset This type of analysis feature is likely to land in Cesium ion SDK, which is the commercial version of CesiumJS that includes a set of analysis tools.