Visual building of the railroad from Nice to Saint Petersburg and movement along

This application demonstrate use of the Expert system technologie for the search of a shortest path in the railways net between two railway stations. Railway route can be build along the movement.

Part I.
Movement along the ready part of the railroad from Menton to Ventimiglia.

Part II.
Building of the part from Ventimiglia to Bordighera using Expert System of shortest path on a graph and OSM data server.

Part III.
Addition of the movement scenario on the part from Ventimiglia to Bordighera and movement along.

Visual design is done in IDE based on Protege ontology editor.
Visual simulation of movement is done in Cesium.
Railway data are from Open Street Map data server.

Project is a free open source: GitHub - rururu/simpro-scene: Simulation of spatial processes in Protege-frames by scenarios



That’s great, Ru, thanks so much for sharing. I love the way this shows off the value of 3D and real location data. Makes me want to take those trips.


Lisa! Try to go further in this application yourself, until Saint Petersburg :grinning: I am not yet :weary:

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