Weather Maps with OpenWeather API


Has anyone tried to display weather maps (Weather maps - OpenWeatherMap) on unreal using Cesium? I saw an old discussion Open Weather Map layers where someone managed to do that with Cesium for JS, but I am very lost on how I could do the same in Unreal. I know I can add a blank tileset and load a custom json by providing an URL, but I can’t figure out how to provide the x and y coordinates needed for the tiles in the API call. Does anyone have any insight on how I could achieve this?

Thank you in advance

Edit: I looked more into it, and I start to wonder if Cesium for unreal supports this at all for now… Cesium JS has it (Visualizing Imagery – Cesium)

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Hi @automattyc - Cesium for Unreal is currently limited to a single raster layer, and we also need to add support for Template URL imagery providers (available in CesiumJS). Once both of these features are added, in, I believe it should be possible to support this weather layer.