Website is working slowley

I am using Cesium ion in my website. I have to use my Digital Elevation Model because of my models. So, when I use DEM from Cesium, it works well but when I add my DEM to website, my website is working slowly. I use Sketchup modelling to add to the cesium. I use atleast polygons numbers to makete the website faster.

Can you please analyze our website to see what the problem is? Our website is

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Seher Molkara

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There does not appear to be a Cesium viewer on the homepage of your site.

A number of factors could affect performance. It is difficult to say what it is without being able to run the code. Are you able to create a Sandcastle example showing the features and data you are using that experiences the performance issue? That will help others see your problem and possibly be able to recommend a solution.

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