We're hiring! Build open source and open data products on top of Cesium

Hi Cesium users, fans, and experts,

We’re hiring!

We are the team behind TerriaJS, the open source library built on top of Cesium that powers Australia’s NationalMap, the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI), and many more. We use cutting-edge technologies to build sophisticated, elegant and user-focused web-based applications, and we make nearly all of the code we write open source.

Building on our success with TerriaJS, we are currently designing and building a new open data platform that will have real impact for the Australian government and for others around the world.

With two ambitious open source projects underway, we have an immediate need to grow the team. We are seeking a creative and adaptable full-stack software engineer to join the team, to build elegant solutions to unsolved problems, to take ownership of their area and to learn and grow to their full potential. We work in an open, collaborative environment with flexible working hours and a culture of trust and individual empowerment.

Sound interesting? See the complete listing here:


Not convinced yet? Consider:

  • The team is led by one of the founders of Cesium (that’s me).

  • Most of the code you write will be open source.

  • A passion for Cesium - using it and improving it - will be a big plus in this job.

  • Visa sponsorship and relocation assistance to beautiful Sydney, Australia are available for the right person!