WFS support


I’m working on a project that requires visualization of Depth Contours in specific Ocean areas.
Currently I’ve uploaded the vector data as a layer on Geoserver which serves the styled vector
data as a raster to my Cesium application.
This is turning into a problem as the data is bound to get very big in the future and I want to have
the ability to just receive the vector data in GML and carry out the styling on my application dynamically.

I see that both GML as well as WFS support are listed as future projects in Cesium.
Has there been any development in any of these?
If not I would like to add this functionality myself.
Could anyone share any details on how to go about implementing this.


Hello Sushrut,

We have an open pull request for GML support here:

There’s a TODO list in that PR that shows what needs to be done before that can be merged into master.

If you are interested in taking over that work, we would love the contribution! Post a comment in that pull request saying your interested in completing the work and ask for advice on what needs to be done.

Also check out our contributors documentation for information on getting started with contributing and building the code.