What are your experiences migrating from Google Earth to Cesium?

Hello =)

I’m giving a talk about migrating from Google Earth to Cesium at FOSS4G NA and I was hoping some of you could help me out by sharing some of your own experience with migrating.

In particular, what was the hardest part about migrating and what is something you wish you would have known at the start? Is there anything you found that you love about Cesium compared to Google Earth? Are there features you were able to add when switching to Cesium that Google Earth didn’t have? (or vice versa)

Any general tips or comments would be much appreciated so I can pass them along to new users.



For non-Internet networks the KML has to be edited because the maps.google.com icons will not be available.

Thanks! That’s a good tip

Something to mention, the difference in elevations when using terrain and google earth “Mean Sea Level” / AltitudeMode.ABSOLUTE vs the ellipsoid elevations in cesium and the need to add a geoid offset

clamp to ground for polygons and polylines in google earth => groundprimitive for polygons (if its been fixed in chrome , see bug https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/3804 )

for migrating clamp to ground for polylines, I implemented a work around to sub sample each segment and query the terrain

might be a good example to show

Oh thanks! That’s a good idea