When I use the Cesium example to load point cloud data, a normalized error occurs during mouse opera

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When I use the Cesium example to load point cloud data, a normalized error occurs during mouse operation.

Later I found the OrientedBoundingBox.distanceSquaredTo method, if box.halfAxes is equal to Cesium.Matrix3.ZERO, an error will occur. I can only debug to this place, but I am not sure if this is a problem. I hope you can tell me, thank you.

I sent you an email, but you didn't reply to me. I don't know if you have received it. My point cloud file has also been sent to you.

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Google Chrome

Are you able to upload the point cloud to cesium.com/ion and then share a Sandcastle link with it?

Does it crash when you load it or when you do something specific in the viewer? When you say mouse operation, do you mean click, or zoom, or pan, or something else?

Did you create this tileset with Cesium ion or with another tool?

I posted my point cloud on CesiumIon. This is the link address. I will get this error when I use the mouse. The probability of this error is small.

My actions are zooming in, zooming out, panning and rotating. I have been using the mouse to perform these operations. At some point this error will occur.

After repeated testing, I found that looking up from the ground up and then using the mouse, the probability of error increases.

I think this issue is not related to point clouds. It looks like it happens regards, here’s the GitHub issue on it:

Hi Omar,

I found another commercial website, John Wayne airport, using Cesium and had similar runtime error. You don't have to do any out of ordinary. You can just keep zooming with the mouse wheel until the camera passes the ground then try to look up to the sky from that position, the app crashed.


I think this issue needs to be elevated to be fixed ASAP.

Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the Cesium community!