WMS w/ no tiling


Is it possible to specify that a WMS Imagery Provider (WebMapServiceImageryProvider) do no tiling? That is, only a single request covering the entire extent should be sent to the WMS service? If so, how would I go about implementing?



WebMapServiceImageryProvider has a maximumLevel constructor option, but it looks like the current implementation doesn’t let you control the tiling scheme, so it always loads two root tiles. It also assumes 256x256 pixels for each tile, which is very low-res.

A better option may be to use SingleTileImageryProvider instead, and give it the WMS GetMap URL containing the extent and size you want in the URL, and configure the SingleTileImageryProvider with that same extent. Depending on how high-res you want your tile to be, you may run into the texture size limit, which is why most imagery providers use tiling.


Thanks Scott! I'll give it a shot.