World terrain and kml

I used add KML layers to cesium (e.g. watersheds boundaries). KML was coded with the ClamptoGround parameter which worked well with STK world terrain. With the new world terrain, the kml files disappeared especially when zooming on a smaller areas. This happens as well to the sandcastle "kml Tour" example proposed by Cesium.
An example of this issue is shown @

Any idea on how to solve this issue ?

Hi Eric,

Do you have a snippet of your code that you could provide, preferably with Sandcastle? I don’t think I have enough context here.


An example is shown in:

Selecting GeoJSON

If you change the terrain from WGS84 Ellipsoid to Cesium World Terrain and zooming, the layer will disappear. This was not the case with STK terrain where the terrain layer was "transparent" to GeoJson layers "clampToGround"

Eric, man, that sounds like the same issue Robert has in this thread:!topic/cesium-dev/u0ZrY7rBGUw
Toggling back and forth makes his polyline disappear.

I posted a response in that thread Left Gully linked to:

We are indeed working on Polylines on terrain! See our progress in Issue #2172.
I think that the difference between local development and Sandcastle may be the Cesium version. Sandcastle is running 1.45, so there may have been a change between the two versions that affects this. You can run older versions of Sandcastle from the downloads page, by scrolling to the version number under the “Downloads Archive” and clicking “Docs, Examples, & Tests”.