Would it be possible to render a google streetview image in cesium framework

Would it be possible given a traditional 360/180 degree panorama to show it with cesiumjs ?

There’s no one-liner to do this out of the box; but all of the tools you would need are already implemented. I’m not an expert but I think what you need is to create an EllipsoidGeometry and then use a cubemap material to texture it. There’s a somewhat useful example in the cesium materials pack: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium-materials-pack/blob/master/Example/index.html that uses a checkerboard image for all sides of the cubemap.

Here’s the live demo of the above code: http://analyticalgraphicsinc.github.io/cesium-materials-pack/Example/

Would it be possible to instruct the camera to see the globe form the inside? then I think that would answer the question, then its just to put the panorama image on the globe :slight_smile:

Putting the camera at the center of the globe won’t work, but putting it at the center of a Ellipsoid geometry should.

Cool. I might experiment alittle with that.