z index in cesium

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In GE / ESRI we have Z-index which is used for one layer to be displayed over the other layer based on the zindex value of that corresponding layer.

is there an equivalent API in Cesium through CZML data source, i.e, if i have to make one primitive/entities appear over another primitive.

please let me know how to go about it.

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Hello Mathew ,

is there an equivalent for GE drawOrder of ground overlay in cesium API , if so could u please share the same.

ur inputs are very helpful. thank you

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Hello Mathew,

all i need is rendering an image over another image based on the order given as in GE drawOrder.

i have tried with the order of the entities in CZML but in vain . please look at the attachment for the issue as one image should bo on top of another image based on the drawOrder of that image.

PFA for the same. thank u so much.

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PFA for the above comment


Chandrika, please do not reply to your own messages numerous times. It creates a lot of noise in what is already a busy mailing list.

As for your question, there’s no way to specify the order yet, but it is on the roadmap. A big part of this is the vector data on terrain work currently being done; so I expect things to start to get better in the near term.