0.99 alpha tileset transparency makes it very transparent


We are having issues that if tileset transparency is set to 0.99 alpha, for example:

tileset.style = new Cesium3DTileStyle({
	color: {
		evaluateColor: function (feature: Cesium3DTileset, result: Color) {
			return Color.clone(Color.WHITE.withAlpha(0.99), result);

Makes it far more transparent than it should be, as alpha 0.99 should be pretty close to opaque.

Changing value “orderIndependentTranslucency” to false, makes it work correctly that it is pretty much opaque and shows through the primitive, but it causes other problems in our scene, so it does not seem to be the answer.

Is this a bug or are we missing something? We are trying to show certain tilesets through primitives. Other primitives and models work correctly with this, but tilesets do not. Interestingly enough, models do show through the primitive without changing any alpha values, simply ordering them correctly to scene makes it work.

Thank you!