2D Sprite and 3D Models

I would like to be able to interchange 2D sprites and 3D models in Cesium. The dataset is loaded via .czml. In this scenario, the 2D sprites are defined under the billboard property. Should the 3D model be defined under the model property? And could these two be interchanged after uploading the file into Cesium?


I would recommend defining the 3D model under the model property. We see that both Model and Billboard have the member show. I recommend using this member to swap between your 2D sprite and your 3D model.



This can be done after uploading the files to Cesium ion. Just set show: false on the 2D model and show: true on the 3D model (and vice versa). You will also need to ensure that the models are in the same location. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.