3D Models and GIS

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I present myself. My name is Rebecca and I work as archaeologist and intern in GIS at the French School of Archaeology in Athens, Greece. We already use Cesium to incorporate 3D models in our WebSIG of Delos. (https://sig-delos.efa.gr)
For my internship here, I have to find a way to incorporate 3D models in our WebSIG but in keeping the location informations of the 3D model (x,y,z and SRC). I managed to do it with a file .las droped in Cesium Ion, but the result is not perfect…
I’m sure we can find a way to do it with cesium. Could you help me about it? Maybe with your solution with 3D Tiling Pipeline on premise?
Best regards,

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Hey Rebecca,

Can you explain what you mean by the result isn’t perfect? Is it just appearing in the wrong location on the globe? If so, you can edit that using the tileset location editor (when you have the asset selected on cesium.com/ion it’s the button at the top right of the preview window).

If you’re interested in trying out the on-premise tiling tools, feel free to reach out to Tim (tim@cesium.com). They are essentially the backend that runs on Cesium ion, but would allow you to tile and host your 3D Tiles offline or integrate it your infrastructure since it comes as a command line tool.

The location is good, it's a question of altitude. My 3D models are archaeological so I can't move it because I can't change their coordinates. I would like to find a way to use my own imagery or DEM instead of ion imageries. I'm talking about it with Tim but if you have any advice to bring me I take it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your answer.


You can definitely use your own imagery and/or DEM (either instead of or on top of ion imagery). Check out the imagery tutorial:

and terrain tutorial: