Cesium APIs/SDK


we consider using cesium in our system. we plan a system that receives photos (RGB) then runs them through tools such as Bentley to get 3D. Then we want to use Cesium in order to tile the 3D images, into 3D tiles. does this make sense?

how do I integrate with it?

and most important - what are the APIs/SDK? i could not find a clue in Cesium website. I must have been missing something.


If you just need to convert your 3D models to 3D Tiles, you can upload them to Cesium ion. This tutorial is a good start: https://cesium.com/docs/tutorials/getting-started/

If you want to do that locally, offline or on your own servers, you can get the on-premise version of the tiling tools: https://cesium.com/ion-engine/. There’s a link to request an evaluation of that at the bottom of that page.

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks Omar for your reply, however I am afraid this does not help me…

The example that you sent me is related to CesiumJS which is the client side, that shows the tiles (correct me if I am wrong).

Currently, I am more interested in the server side. I want Cesium to run on-premise, and to be able to give it inputs (i saw it receives KML, COLLADA etc) and to get the 3D-tiles as a response, so I can store them.

Is this a reasonable flow?

If so, I could not find HOW to do that. what are the APIs? is there an SDK?

thanks again


We spoke over email but just to close the loop here, it’s possible to run the tiling pipeline locally with the on-premise CLI which is documented here: