using cesium wthout uploading data to cesium ion and more


I just discovered cesium and I am very excited. congrats for such a product and platform.

I have a few questions,

1 I want to use my own data and 3D tiles and object which will on my own server, is it possible to use cesium without an ion account or without downloading it to ion, because its sensetive data and I dont want it publish generally?

2 I have orthophotos, pointclouds and 3D obj. in a viewer like cloudcompare I see the 3D buidings all seperated and clickable, also each building has his own id, but uploading this to cesiım ion I see them as one object without the possibility to click the buildings seperatly why is this happen?

hope to hear from you all soon.


Thanks for the kind words Yusuf, and welcome to the Cesium community!

  1. If you want to use Cesium ion’s tiling pipeline offline, or in a private network, there is a commercial on-premise option you can get and run locally. You can read about it here: and request an evaluation here:
  2. Cesium ion will batch together geometry in the produced 3D Tileset. This is part of what makes the 3D Tiles format so efficient. To extract individual buildings, we’d need to supply some metadata that defines some properties for each building. For example, this is how the New York City building example is done ( This example styles each building based on its height, name and other properties (
    What format are your 3D objects in? It is currently possible for Cesium ion to read individual features like this CityGML and KML/COLLADA, but we’re still working on a way to provide this information for OBJ/glTF/FBX models.

Hi Omar,

Thank you for your reply and information.

My 3D objects are 2 kind

1 - .folders : roof - images of buidings roofs .png

walls - images of buidings walls .png

files : .mtl and .obj

2 - folders : mesh - .3dml files

ortho - .tiff files

pointcloud - .e57 files

I have also .shp files wich are stored in a postgres database with data about the buildings

I can change the data if you have any suggestions to put it on cesium for better results.

I converted te .obj to gıtf but then it sees as all buidings as 1 object

my final goal is to put the shp files as one layer and above this layer the 3D buidings, when clicking the buidings it has to show information from the database

I will study the examples also.



Thanks for the additional info Yusuf. For point clouds, we currently only support LAS/LAZ. Adding support for E57 is something we’re working towards. If you have any sample data as .e57 you’re able to share that’ll help make sure we cover your use case when we implement it (you can email if you’d prefer not to share it publicly).

Right now the only input that supports feature metadata is CityGML and KML/COLLADA. So if you can create one or more KML files that contains the location and any metadata for each model, then Cesium ion will batch the geometry together for efficiency while still allowing you to select and highlight individual buildings.

You can see an example of this format in the getting started tutorial. The AGI_HQ.kmz file is a zip file that contains one KML file and one model, so that shows you an example of how you can arrange your data for Cesium ion to pick these attributes:

I am also very interested in support for E57 files. Has there been any progress made on this, or is there a date on the roadmap somewhere?