Offline data for Cesium Unity?

What are my options for an “offline mode” for my Cesium for Unity app? I’m not having much luck finding any information, it’s all about CesiumJS.

In my “Cesium World Terrain” game object, I see this. Are there any open-source servers I can run locally that would provide tiles and elevation and work with Cesium for Unity? Would anything in my code have to change or would this be seamless?


Cesium for Unity can connect to anything that can serve 3D Tiles or quantized-mesh terrain.

With Cesium ion, you can download the 3D Tiles tileset it generates and use it offline via localhost or file:/// URL. You can also purchase command-line tilers from Cesium that allow you to convert data to these formats for offline and disconnected use.

We also license Cesium World Terrain and Sentinel-2 imagery for offline use. The Bing Maps imagery, however, is measured in petabytes, so using that offline is not realistic.

3D Tiles is an OGC community standard, so you can also find tools other than our own that produce content in that format, with varying levels of quality. I can’t advise on that because I don’t have first-handed experience with them and because I’d prefer anyway that you support Cesium for Unreal development by using Cesium’s tools. :slight_smile: But we’re happy to see a robust ecosystem around 3D Tiles and don’t mind if others share their experience with third party tools.

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Hello, this might be a silly question, but how do I download the 3D tileset from Cesium Ion for offline use in Unity?

And also, is it possible to download only a few parts of the tileset, such as a region of around 1000 square km?

Have you seen the “Cesium ion Archives and Exports tutorial”? This sounds like what you may need…

Thank you for the reply. Just to be clear, does this line mean that there is no free way for me to download and use 3D Tileset data, offline, for specific locations?

If that is the case, should I get a Cesium on-premises license to get offline access to specific terrain data of my choosing?

Hi @Magmathrower8,

The terms you posted refer to the assets in Cesium ion’s Asset Depot, e.g., Cesium World Terrain, Cesium OSM Buildings, and all other photogrammetry, terrain, and imagery datasets we provide. You can download and export data that you have uploaded to Cesium ion, but yours only.

However, you can license Cesium World Terrain, Sentinel-2 Imagery, and Cesium OSM Buildings from us for offline use. Feel free to contact sales using the contact form here, or by emailing

And also, is it possible to download only a few parts of the tileset, such as a region of around 1000 square km?

At the time of this post, no, but we’re aware that this is a popular community request. Stay tuned for updates :smile: