Download 3D Tiles after uploaded in Cesium Ion

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Need assist on this issue. I subscribed Cesium Ion as my purpose to convertinng my data in CityGML format to 3D Tiles. The powerful pipeline converter engine that Cesium have. How can i download back my data after converting process finish?

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From my understanding, it is not possible to download 3D Tiles assets from Cesium ion. For some users, an on-premise solution, which allows them to tile data locally, may be appropriate. You can learn more about that here:

If you would like more information on downloading data from Cesium ion, here is a post where a user asks a similar question:

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!


Noted on that info… Thanks a lot for the answer… really appreciate…

While we currently do not support downloading 3D Tiles from Cesium ion, we are working on a plan to allow users to be able to download and package data. If you have any insights into how you plan to use downloaded data, we would love to hear them! It is important that we are informed on our communities needs :grinning:

If you already have local data on your disk, then you can use the file:///C:/..... path in the URL field.

Please respond with any questions or feedback. We’d love to learn a little bit more about your use cases.


Ya. currently i’am working on project that need me to convert data from CityGML to 3DTiles. I do assume i can be download after i subscribe cesium ion. i mean directly download from ion platform after upload a data.

Currently i use 3D pipeline method to do that

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can u share to me an example reactjs/resium call/read terrain data from CesiumIon asset ID?

i’m still searching how to do it…

really appreciate


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Just to re-iterate: We currently do not support downloading 3D Tiles from Cesium ion. Which 3D pipeline are you using now? For more information on using React and CesiumJS, I recommend that you check out Resium. A lot of community members have used Resium to build out their React projects.


Understood… Thanks for the info shared