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I’m new to CESIUM, and last day’s start a project in CesiumJS.
I have models that made by 3rd company to my building, they exported it to me, it’s include KML, XML, TIF files.
I want to use it with Terrain View and use the viewer for the start, I saw I need to convert this files into 3D Tiles, so here’s my questions:

  1. Does Cesium ion is the only tool that can convert my files into 3D Tiles ?
  2. What’s the next step ? I saw option only to use ‘Cesium.createWorldTerrain()’ , how do I use my own 3D Tiles ? I’m not sure by the documents how to embed mean.


Welcome to the Cesium Community!

Cesium ion is our tool we provide to convert your files to 3D Tiles to be used with CesiumJS and other Cesium tools. As a next step, you can look at our quick start tutorial on how to set up a Cesium app. If you would like to start with your own data, you can view the quick guides for importing data.

We also have Sandcastle tutorials, which showcases the most common use cases of Cesium.

So I followed your steps and the quick start…
Seem that Cesium ion tool is limit to 5GB and my models is about 10Gb.
Any option to convert them for free ? what is my options ?

With Cesium ion community plan, the storage limit is 5GB. You can increase your limit by switching to a commercial plan. You can also upload your model to AWS S3 bucket and connect it to Cesium ion for tiling. Please read more about how to connect your S3 bucket to Cesium ion here.

You still didn’t answer my question.
Is there any free option to convert my data ? Only buy commercial plan or use S3 storage ?

There is no free option to store more than 5GB directly in Cesium ion.

OK, I understand the limits of Cesium ion.
So if a group of students who develop for college have a 10GB of GIS models, and they want to build a web-viewer for those, they can’t without Cesium ion ?
So the open-source here is only for viewer, but depend convert the models by ion.
Am I right ?

Hi XDavidT,

There’s a few open source options, but may require you to transform your data to other formats and/or lose some information.

  • If you have point clouds, entwine can generate the 3d tiles tileset for you (v1 can do it, I haven’t tried v2 yet)
  • For 3D models, you could try the following:
    • gltf2glb: “It can create both b3dm and i3dm files for Cesium 3D Tiles. It also includes a packcmpt tool for combining one or more i3dm / b3dm models into a single cmpt file.”
    • objTo3d-tiles: “Node command line tool and module convert obj model file to 3D Tiles, based on obj2gltf.” No longer maintained.
    • gltf-to-3dtiles: “A command line tool to convert gltf(glb) file to 3d tiles format.”

Good luck!

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