How do I convert a 3D model to 3dtiles without ion

We have some proprietary, complex 3D model information in DAE, COLLADA and OBJ format that we would like to convert to 3D tiles (.b3dm). We use obj2gltf to convert to gltf.

Since it is proprietary data, and data that we have to receive and process on the fly, are there other open source tools you can recommend to convert to b3dm?

Tamar Cohen
NASA Ames Research Center

purchase cesium ion pipeline tool.


With Cesium ion, your uploaded data is tiled into 3D Tiles for 3D content or WMTS/TMS for imagery data. Here is some more information about uploading data to Cesium ion:

Cesium also offers on-premise solutions, which may be more applicable to your use case. Here are more details:

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Thanks for your responses. What I’m looking for is open source projects which construct b3dm files from ROS data on the fly, and I’m wondering if that has been implemented already. As I mentioned, we have to do this on our own machines / network, and as fast as possible during data streaming in.

Thanks for any ideas!