How to convert the obj format to the b4dm tile format?

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I have a large 3D model in the compression format, for conversion to the b3dm format I use scripts on the github.

But the output is only one file, and I need to split it into files up to 3 mg in size.

If any ready-made solution or you need to write your own scripts.

How to make 3d tile in b3dm format?

You can upload it to Cesium ion ( and get an optimized 3D Tileset that way.

There is an offline version of the Cesium ion 3D Tiling pipeline available with an on-premise license:

Hi! Thanks for the answer. I uploaded my data to ion, but did not find the download function. And I need 3D tiles in b3dm format.
My 3D model is 2 GB in size, the b3dm file is 1.8 GB in size, and I need to split this file into 2 MB parts

Is your goal to visualize the b3dm files, or do something else?

The uploaded model in your Cesium ion account is served as b3dm files. You can stream it to your application with CesiumJS (See or with the REST API (see

Unfortunately, the goal is more complicated. it is necessary to convert obj to b3dm (each file is 2 mb). if the task was to visualize, then in cesium you can simply load the usual obj. unfortunately the task is more difficult. can we continue communication by email or whatsapp?

CesiumJS doesn’t support visualizing an OBJ file directly, so normally you’d need to convert it to glTF (or 3D Tiles if it’s a large model) which you can do by uploading to Cesium ion.

If your goal is to get b3dm tiles, you can do this with Cesium ion. You can request the b3dm files using the REST API (see or get an on-premise license if you need the files available locally.