How create i3dm/b3dm file from scratch?

I don't understand what exacly i3dm/b3dm format is.

I looked at this docs:

How define Feature Table, Batch Table and glTF and then convert it to .i3dm?
I need prepare JSON with this elements?

If yes, how I can make .i3dm file from that JSON?

Is there any tool or method to do it??

What type of data do you wish to display as 3D Tiles?

If you want to look at how the sample tilesets in Cesium are created, check out this repo: However the approaches used there are not meant to be general-purpose solutions.

I want display massive amount of trees with i3dm format.
I think "samples generator" will be helpful but I still need make own tool for whole process especially for creating feature and batch table.

Yes you will still need your own tool, the samples-generator only serves as a reference.


You could also take a look at our 3D Tiles Pioneers program as an option for converting your data.




Do you have an updated link to 3D Tiles Pioneers site?

Hey Brian,

The 3D Tiles Pioneers was essentially the beta Cesium ion. So you can just upload things on Cesium ion now ( or convert it with the on-premise CLI (

sorry new user here. so what your saying is i can just upload an .obj to cesium ion and use the url generated from the data in say this project meant for unity?

instead of doing the on-premise CLI?

Yeah, you would just need to write some wrapper to authenticate the requests from Cesium ion with the REST API to get the tile data when loading it into a custom client like that.

link is broken

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