What is a .b3dm file

Hello everyone, I am now using cesium, and I am very interested in this, but I encountered a big problem. when I look at the example of New York, there are 110 million of the models and how to render these, read the information here http://cesiumjs.org/2015/08/10/Introducing-3D-Tiles/, I am still confused. besides , how to generate .b3dm file, thank you in advance

Hi Chaos,

We are still working on 3D Tiles so there are not generic tools for creating tilesets yet. AGI, the company who started Cesium, is going to provide conversion services as part of https://cesiumjs.com/

In the meantime, all the latest 3D Tiles updates are posted to this thread:



Hi Patrick,

I am trying to view the information contained in a b3dm file in 3d tiles branch. But can see the junk data in it. Can you please provide if there is any way to check the contents and based on what information Cesium renders the tiles?

3d-tiles-tools has some utilities for getting information from a b3dm. While not a command line tool, the extractB3dm function will lay out all the components of the b3dm. Also the b3dmToGlb CLI command will extract the model so you can view that independently of 3d-tiles.

If you’re debugging in Cesium I recommend putting a breakpoint in Batched3DModel3DTileContent.prototype.initialize.