Generating 3d tileset

Greetings cesium team!

**I am facing a problem here. I had converted glb files to B3dm files using the 3d-tiles-toolset. The b3dm file has been created but I am unable to generate the correct tileset.json file and hence we are not able to view the b3dm files on the cesium world terrain. I have attached two b3dm files and its corresponding json files that I have created, herewith the mail. **

Please kindly go through the attachedfiles and check if the converted json files are correct or not. Please briefly elaborate the mistake in our converted json files.

Thanking you

parent.b3dm (7.29 KB)

tileset.json (43 KB)

nesac_building.b3dm (130 KB)

tileset.json (43 KB)

Hi there,

We have a validator tool available to do just this: 3d-tiles-tools/validator

Try running that tool, and let us know if you’re having issues.