Generated tileset.json with B3DM payload not visualized in Cesium


We have our own GIS application where we are in the process of adding support for tileset.json data with B3DM payloads.

We have created our own B3DM data which visualizes fine in our own application, but shows nothing in the Cesium Sandcastle application. See screenshot for a comparison of a test dataset with a single tile:

Since we generated our own tileset.json and B3DM file, I have no idea whether there is a problem with the data we generate, or whether there is a problem with Cesium.

I already checked that the binary GLTF contained in the B3DM file is valid according to the validator ( ).
The B3DM file and the tileset.json are all very simple and I could not spot any mistakes in those. As far as I can tell, those follow the specifications.

I would appreciate some help with this problem. I am hoping that somebody with some Cesium knowledge could provide me with a pointer on why our data is not visualized in Cesium. I suspect it is a problem with our dataset, but I have no clue what the problem
could be.

In attachment you can find a zip containing the tileset.json and b3dm file.

In case it is relevant: I tried with Cesium 1.46 on Firefox 60.0.02 64 bit under Ubuntu 16.04.

If you need any more information, do not hesitate to ask it.

Kind regards,

Robin (24.7 KB)

Some of the changes in the 1.0 branch of 3D Tiles (and the updated OGC community standard document) have not yet been implemented in Cesium, including RTC_CENTER for b3dm.

We are planning to get these soon. See

We added support for the RTC_CENTER property in b3dm tiles in this PR, and it will come out with the next Cesium release on July 2nd.