Information about generating 3D Tiles using generator tool

I am new about using Cesium and 3D tiles very exciting. I have a 3D city model that consist of 2000 buildings and I want to use 3D tiles generator tool to create b3dm models. Thus I can visualize them on Cesium. Before I start some information about tiling would be very helpful. I read about 3D tiling approach on but I am trying to understand some concepts about it. I want to ask that how generator tiles 3d buildings. Does it create one tile for each building? Or is it possible to represent one building in multiple tiles?. Any answer would be very helpful.

It’s up to you how you want to organize buildings among tiles. If the buildings have simple geometry it is usually a good idea to combine multiple into a single b3dm tile. Otherwise if the buildings are complex, they can split up into multiple tiles. In the end its less about buildings and more about geometry and how you wish to subdivide it.

There aren’t too many publicly available tools that will convert source data into 3d-tiles yet. However we are working on some internal tools and would be glad to test out your data if you would like. You can contact me at

Let us know if you have more 3D Tiles questions.