S.O.S Get a proper 3D Tile from obj


I saw many question about that but the answers wasn't clear :

I have data file from OSM in many format (.osm, .geojson, .shp, .kml,...)
and I want to achieve the same goal that in the NY demo (https://cesiumjs.org/NewYork/) so show 3D buildings for a specified city.

To do that I convert the data file to an obj with some tools (Osm2World, geoJsonToObj,...) and I use Obj23d-Tiles (https://github.com/PrincessGod/objTo3d-tiles) to generate a tileset.

Here is the thing, I always get a tileset.json with only one huge .b3dm and Cesium can't handle it (process crash or Chrome stop it)

The question is : How can I achieve to get a proper 3d tileset (multiple little b3dm) with my data ? And how Cesium did with the New York demo ?

I actually work on a big project but this part really depressed me, I hope you can help me.

Thank you

We have tilers available that solve exactly this problem. We’re in the process of making it commercially available, but in the mean time you should reach out to Tim (tim@cesium.com) to find out how you can use them now!