Step by Step instruction to create 3D Tiles with OSM Buildings


I am new to exploring Cesium, and the NYC Demo is fascinating.
I need to achieve similar results as the NYC Demo, but for a different city. I looked into forum, but could only find information in bits and pieces. Could someone please guide me into how the 3D Tiles were created using the OSM 3D Building in the NYC Demo?

A step by step instruction would be very great!

Thank you,
Rohit Sinha

Hello Rohit,

Matt gave a presentation about how that demo was created. You can see that here:

The slides have a lot written in the notes.



Thanks Hannah, but I was looking for something more like a tutorial. which would guide me in creating 3d building tiles.


Hi Hannah,

I did look at the presentation, and there are few points where I need some help:
1. From the OSM data how the collada files were created? Any tool used?
2. Once the collada files were created, I guess they were converted to glTF, using the converter. Is that so?
3. Is there any tutorial available on how to create 3D tiles using these models?



There are currently no detailed step-by-step guides because 3D Tiles is still an evolving spec (and my attempt at converting both OSM and CityGML data currently relies on some additional proprietary code and tools). Once 3D Tiles is released and officially part of Cesium, expect to see a lot more tutorial-like information available.

For now, the best resource for the required details are the official spec repository itself: if you need something more end-user-friendly your only choice is to wait for them to be written.

To answer your specific questions:

  1. They were generated via a custom Node.js app, no specific tools were used but there were a couple of helper libraries that I mentioned in my talk (plus Cesium for generating geometry). It basically reads in a pbf and writes out a bunch of models.

  2. Yes, for the most part. We are also working on a new open source library that will eventually be able to do this:

  3. Not yet

Any update on this?

It s been days I search, but it's really a mystery about how to create a file like a cityGML/ or 3dTileset to use in cesium to display dome building informations... create from scratch...

I have the 3d models, I know their location, but creating a file that work in cesium like this is a mess.

I believe I answered your (or a very similar question) here:

All you need is to construct a KML file that specifies the location of each building. I have a link to sample data for that in the thread above.