How to display 3d tiles data correctly ?

I used geolocation to select a city in the sketchup and successfully imported shp data from the city's buildings to generate a 3D model. Then, I export them as obj format file shobj.obj, and then use obj23dtiles -i shobj.obj --tileset to generate the corresponding 3d tiles file. But when I added it to cesium, I found that there was no 3D model in the city.

My guess is that their geographic coordinates are missing, but I don't know where to set it up? Can someone help me, thank you! ! !


If you didn’t specify it on the tileset, you can still specify a transformation that will position the tileset with Cesium3DTileset.modelMatrix. Otherwise, you could specify the boundingVolumes of the tileset in geographic coordinates.




I am trying to create a 3d city using the 3d tiles just like the new york 3d city example given in cesium. Could you please tell me what to do in order to create the 3d tiles for the 3d city in cesium.

looking forward to your reply!

here is the demo link of what i am trying to create-

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my current method :

1. create 3d model in cityengine or sketchup, and convert them to kmz.
2. convert kmz to 3d tiles by FME2018

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