3d tiles converting workflow

We are a photogrammetic company and we are specialized in the creation a beautiful 3d tilesets from aerial photo.

We are very interested to use Cesium to stream this on browser but not yet understand the real workflow to convert our dataset in Batched (.b3dm)

Our dataset is composed by many square tiles in .obj format with 28m of lenght and 20k tris: each tile has its own texture. We are able to convert in .dae, .fbx and some other formats.

How is the workfow? We have read some posts but this is not clear for us. Do we need to create a converter or we can use an existing tool?

Tank you for any help you can provide.



Hi Giovanni,

Wow your models look great. We are building 3D Tiles creation tools as part of cesium.com. Send me an email, pcozzi@agi.com, and we’ll get you early access and tile up some of your data for you.