3D aircraft colors not rendering the same as designed in Blender

Hello all,

I have an issue with my helicopter model colors not rendering as designed and saved from Blender. The aircraft is white, however when loaded in Cesium, it is now a dark grey.

May I ask for anyone to give me some idea as to why the difference and how to resolve? I would much prefer the aircraft to be displayed as white as designed. I’m not worried so much about the reflectivity /shininess of the model just so long as it is no longer grey.

Currently using v1.114

Blender model

Model in Cesium

Model as loaded in Cesium Assets

Many thanks,

Hi all,

This issue is solved! I had the time set to 12am so the aircraft was rendered as if it was flying at night!

Hoping this solves a headache for others with similar issues in the future.