3D and 2D Sychronization

Hi, im beginner with CesiumJs i want to Sychronize the view between 3D and 2D, my issue is, taht when i click on 3D, my 3D scene initialise which i dont want to happen and i dont know why, this is my setView and getView functions

public setView(view: View) {

    var westSouth = view.extension.minimum;
    var eastNorth = view.extension.maximum;

    let destination = Rectangle.fromDegrees(



        destination: destination,

        orientation: {

            heading: view.camera.bearing * CesiumRenderer.degreesToRadians, // Heading is the rotation from the local north direction where a positive angle is increasing eastward
            //pitch: view.camera.pitch * CesiumRenderer.degreesToRadians,

            pitch: -Math.PI/2, //topdown -> the horizon
            roll: undefined,


public getView(): View<Box> {
    const heading = this.viewer.camera.heading * CesiumRenderer.radiansToDegrees;
    const pitch = this.viewer.camera.pitch * CesiumRenderer.radiansToDegrees + 90;
    const roll = this.viewer.camera.roll * CesiumRenderer.radiansToDegrees;
    //TODO: calculate from heading, pitch, roll

    const camera = new Camera(heading, pitch);//heading pitch

    const viewRectangle = this.viewer.camera.computeViewRectangle();
    const bBox = new Box(

            viewRectangle.west * CesiumRenderer.radiansToDegrees,
            viewRectangle.south * CesiumRenderer.radiansToDegrees,
            viewRectangle.east * CesiumRenderer.radiansToDegrees,
            viewRectangle.north * CesiumRenderer.radiansToDegrees,
    return new View<Box>(bBox, camera);

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We actually have an example of syncing 3D and 2D views, which you can reference here: