3D Buildings in Cesium: Call for Data


AGI is investigating adding 3D buildings to Cesium. This has been a hot topic on the forum. We’re interested in your feedback on:

  1. Input formats, e.g., shapefiles, CityGML, KML + COLLADA, PBF, and so on.
  1. Freely available data, e.g., OSM, open government data, and so on.
  1. Use cases



Hello Patrik,

I have some interesting link for you, about 3D building modeling :

It is an italian blog, but Google Translate is a good help to understand :slight_smile:

BTW, together with SHP, KML, Collada DAE, can be very useful the PLY (binary or ascii) textured, that is the triangle saved format of many of Structure from Motion
photogrammetric aerial survey programs ( like Bundler or PhotoScan ).



… also the threejs json file can be useful to store 3d buildings .