3d Buildings

Dear Cesium,

I heard that in the next few months/next version, 3d buildings will release.
I took a look at how it may look like and it just shows white buildings. Will the 3d buildings be actually based on what it looks like in the city or will they just be ordinary white buildings stacked up in different parts of the cit(y/ies)?

Anyway, lets have a discussion on 3d buildings here. I play Geo-FS (a free online flight simulator) and I look forward to seeing 3d buildings and beautiful, realistic scenery in the game. GOod luck.

Thanks for your interest in Cesium. While you are correct that the Cesium team is releasing support for large scale city visualization (via the new 3D Tiles standard), it will be up to the Geo-FS development team to acquire building data and incorporate it into their simulator. There are no global datasets available for us to provide “out-of-the-box” like there was with terrain.

To answer your other question with some good news, Cesium will allow for buildings of all kinds, including very highly detailed ones like in the demos linked from this showcase: http://cesiumjs.org/demos/ContextCapture.html So there’s no reason Geo-FS can’t support a highly detailed and realistic world if they desire.

I know the Geo-FS devs occasionally read the forum, so maybe they can provide you with more information regarding their plans, otherwise you might have better luck reaching out to whatever support channels they have.

I hope that helps and thanks again,


Thank you for the demo links. Do you anticipate performance being an issue at all with the new 3d tiles standard?

We’ve made several performance improvements as part of the 3D Tiles that should help all Cesium apps. For example, terrain and imagery loading should be much better over slow connections if the camera if constantly moving (like it does in a flight simulator).

Existing applications that can benefit from 3D Tiles (such as large scale city visualization) will see an enormous performance improvement once they are refactored to take advantage of what 3D Tiles has to offer.