3D Models extracted from DJI Terra

Is it possible to upload a 3D map that is extracted from DJI Terra as multiple OBJs?

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You can upload the objs and tile them as 3D tiles to Cesium ion. Take a look at our supported data format guide to learn more.

Thanks for the answer. I did that but I get an error after the upload.
I get just a straight line.
Can I upload somewhere my file and give it a check?
Many people using DJI TERRA so I believe it will be a good addition to Cesium to support extracted 3D coming from DJI Terra

Is it possible for you to send us the file you are working with? If you are not comfortable with attaching it here to a public forum, you can reach the private support inbox at support@cesium.com.

Cesium does not have a file verifier to check the validity of your file. We usually take a look at it manually and check for any improper formatting or bugs on our tiler.

Hello thanks for the response
Can I send you the files via the link to google drive?