Question about 3D mesh tiling

To whom may concern,

We are currently trying to upload a 6GB obj mesh model to ion, but errors showed up when retrieving the model. The mesh model was created from Reality Capture. As suggested by @Matt_Boyd-Surka , we are looking for a way to tile the mesh or chop it up into small pieces. FME seems to be capable of doing this, but I’m still trying to figure out how to do that and wondering if this is the best way. An ideal result is attached below.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You can do that by choosing 3d tile when doing the conversion, instead choosing glTF

Hi @Hiroshi_Yaginuma,
Thanks for the reply. May I ask what software did you use to chop up a mesh model?

Just select the 3D tileset option in the cesium ion, and it will tiles the OBJ model for you.

Hi @Hiroshi_Yaginuma, thanks for your suggestion! I just created a mesh model from pix4d and the size is about 1200x600m. The format is obj and not georeferenced. The mesh was displayed in a whole piece, but not tiled as usual. I’m wondering if there is a requirement for the size. BTW when you upload the obj model as shown above, how could you geolocate the model. If I’m understanding right, obj file can’t contain any geoinformation.

Can you try the option 3D capture as well, as it is an photogrammetry mesh model?
Yes, you are correct that OBJ cannot have georeferenced. You need to specify the position of the 3d model within the cesiumjs code. you might need to get a coordinate from OBJ itself internally.

I’ve tried the four options but none of them split the mesh for some reason.
Thanks anyway!